The Donut Hill Sessions

by The Reptilian

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"The Donut Hill Sessions" is a compilation of songs from their three most recent splits: Jowls/The Reptilian Split 7", Innards/The Reptilian Split 7", and the CLYS 4-way Split 7".


released March 15, 2013



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Skeletal Lightning Champaign, Illinois

Midwestern label releasing music from bands we love.

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Track Name: Jeff
i'll miss my girl but this month is with my boys
moral so low but it knows to stay well hid

your new shit jams pretty hard
got good riffs under those tiny hats of yours

watch out thats my face
sorry my mistake

and all of these girls don't mean a thing when im with my boys
and i know that its true but ill never turn my back on you.

slash beast

made up words to make my day
Track Name: Ryan
hey, hello, whats up
thats all we got until we find a common interest
so dont put me in a position
i dont want to be in

chose wisely about what you share
some shit is better left unaired

your swag is none of my concern

why can't you keep that to yourself, i dont fucking care.
Track Name: Gold Blooded
you'll pick a fight with all of your friends only to find you'll play one song.
what if i double back and find that something has slipped through the
cracked hull of our rescued ship? please dont yell at me it's common courtesy.
this party wont stop until the floor caves in.
how does shitting on your friends day make up for your lack of shape?
they'll shut you down, no matter what.
moving from house to house. disrespect follows.
liar traitor thief
take this night and block it from my mind.
Track Name: Old Blooded
show me how you did that trick
half cabs and after what matters comes in between
and it's laughter
sometimes they're just made up
nothing can touch it. not time or distance.
so let's go outside
after school activities is always what we were best at
and even after all these years we still rule at hanging out
hey friend, i'll bet all of our time spent will seem pretty nice
when i finally get a chance to slow down
maneuvers in your driveway
translate to constant fellowship
Track Name: Eddie's Lane
It's hard to save something that's dying, faster than you can catch your breath.

It's a lie.

Dirty dishes on Sunday afternoon won't clean up the mess in the other room. I hope you know I wont lose this.

Small dark thoughts dance around my head.
For a week I thought I'd be better off dead.
But now I'm sure I'm having more fun playing this song.

My life's here but you're moving there. My heart can stretch about 4 states wide. My life's here but you're moving there.

I've been coming here for days and staying for what seems a lot like years.