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Anodes​/​Enta split 10"

by Skeletal Lightning

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Enta - '78 04:51
The future is unwritten. the future is not set. and what we've made never goes away. Never. urged me with visions of crippled futures, of reaping no course from what we had sowed when striving ended in bitter tastes, your fervor atoned for every defeat laid brick with mortar, and kept our fingers crossed and prayed for rain in these godforsaken days eyes closed, arms outstretched, we'll sink into translation, emerging with pride, now foaming out the brim the future is unwritten, the future is unset I've felt this way way too many times. Dying to feel anything, mounting dismay at my own failings. Withdrawn. Disgusted. Tired. Sad. Bored. Why?
I admit that I have been banking on things to unravel as they should Toil for the sake of bread and butter, while dreams drift to backlands, they sink with the ship Delusions of grandeur quickly diminish, as boards underneath cease to hold by themselves Scrambling for remains of your lost efforts, you're now awaiting your liberation We start out receiving, but only through time do we finally learn how to give Its all walls. When every wall I've built surrounds me who am I to stay? When every wall I've built surrounds me I know where I stand.
we move again at first light right when the sky appears cracked like an egg as the brisk air around us begins to warm up while the darkness fades away And so the birth of a new day waits for us outside these walls will it teach us lessons of fairness or will it teach us lessons of loss I wait here anxiously seeking direction when the decision is mine on which way to go still theses paths look the same to my eyes and they all lead someplace I don't ever want to know I've seen it before in their lives in your life in our lives I've seen it before it's been eating at me for as long I remember like we were some sort of prepackaged prey taunted since birth to give in I refuse to accept the same fate as one of the scavenger's victims a dark sea blue is the emptiness that I've been drowning through all along and it's been dragging me down again and again keeping me here in a state of depression and acceptance that go hand and hand until the end draws near and then we will see how deep this greed really goes how deep this greed really goes we will see a dark grey sky suppressing the pain of a past once lived a past once lived by you and I still can't stray away from this hate that I learned so long ago I try to rid myself of it knowing I'd be better off alone to keep a distance thats safe from getting hurt again and I'll keep a distance thats safe from getting burned again Everyday when I awake all I feel is the pain of this weight that you've placed on me with such a grace that it's hard to believe your intent is to harm me but in such a place I've learned not to expect the best company and at the end of the day I'm not shocked at all to see that nothing's changed I'll just fight sinking in to a level that's comfortable and continue to struggle with keeping control of my mind and someday maybe if I'm lucky I might just get out with my life with a wish in one hand and the other a fist it's die or survive another night and in the morning I'll still refuse to admit that I appreciate the light.
I watched you tear apart the things you love from the inside out without hesitation you do it again and again willingly I watched you watch everything in your life crumble to dust right before your eyes without hesitation what did you do what'd you do Not a thing. and if silence has made me guilty then i'll play the role of the fool that spills it all over floor and rolls around in it I'd drain these veins and chambers all so slowly just to show you in the greatest detail exactly just what it means to have heart and if I poured it all out that blood would still write more than a book about the differences between just giving in not even trying and losing it all to what some would consider a curse and I feel lucky just to have something to lose at this point in my life and there's no way I'd consider letting that go without some sort of fight but you chose your own path with your back to me and when wasn't as great as it once had seemed you got upset and started talking trash when the only thing you found was the same old regrets the same regrets that you should have learned from. the same regrets that you could have learned from if you weren't trying so hard to forget about your past it's always been up to you to take control of your own life


Transitioning from the bright, hopeful, and melodic leanings of Enta, and ending with dark, depressed, and chaotic offerings from Anodes, this split features two brand new songs from each band, serving as a deep and dynamic contrast between light and dark.

For Champaign-based band Enta, peaceful and dynamic, hope inspiring guitar swells lead the way, while dark and trying lyrics contrast bright, delay and reverb-ridden melodies.

For fans of: Envy, Suis La Lune, Sed Non Satiata, Pianos Become The Teeth.

For Anodes, a four piece post-hardcore/screamo band from St. Louis, they blister through the depths of a deep depression, full of pain, anguish, and the thought of losing control. Two brand new songs, capturing the true darkness found in life.

For fans of: Circle Takes The Square, City of Caterpillar, Pg. 99.

Anodes is: AJ Hofstetter (vocals/guitar), Sean Survant (vocals/guitar), Katie Brown (bass), Casey Oliver (drums).

Enta is: Nick Brannock (vocals/guitar), Daniel Lee (vocals/guitar), Sean Hermann (vocals/bass), Andrew Pritchard (drums).

Thank you: to all of our friends, family, and everyone involved in the Midwestern DIY music scene, everyone who purchased and/or listened to this record, and anyone who has supported us both throughout the years.

enta.bandcamp.com / anodes.bandcamp.com / www.skeletallightning.net

Any donations for the download of this split will be put directly toward the expenses of making this record possible.

Bundles and more available at www.skeletallightning.net/store


released January 21, 2014

Anodes’ tracks recorded and mixed at Static Circuit Recording
Studio by James Whitlock and Casey Oliver.

Enta’s tracks
recorded and mixed by Ryan Brewer.

Both sides mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering in Chicago, Illinois.


all rights reserved



Skeletal Lightning Urbana, Illinois

Midwestern label releasing music from bands we love.

Thank you endlessly for your support!

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